There is nothing you can do that make me run away from this clash yah...



Anyone who likes foundation sound clashes has to check out DANCEHALL REVIVAL. Jayman & crew have been holding it down with the rare soundclashes especially from the 1980's which he cleans up and adjusts for optimum sound. But y'all may not know he's been posting twice as many clashes in the DHR foundation room, and seems to have rallied everyone to post clash after clash. Some gems include a Silverhawk tape from 1988 with Brigadier Jerry, Cosmic Force vs. Metromedia in 1984 with Sugar Minott, Early B and Nitty Gritty, and some obscure sounds like Black Ivory. In response there has been a frenzy of tape posting... So check it out before all those links expire! And check out Clashes 'r' Us too while you're at it!

UPDATE! I've found two more sites with sound clash cassettes! Mellotone Hi-Fi and Mr. Soundtapes, enjoy!!! Please let me know if you find anyone else with a podcast or blog about real raw reggae music, we can share links!

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Many thanks for the kind words and support my friend...........