There is nothing you can do that make me run away from this clash yah...



Jamaican vids don't look bootleg anymore! hooray! Remember even as recently as T.O.K.'s video for 'Chi Chi Man' shot on videotape with the weird druid outfits? They don't make em like that anymore. I think they stole the druid thing from Ultramagnetic MC's 'Travelling at the Speed of Thought' video but that's just me. The best video I've seen for a modern dancehall track has been Shaggy's 'Church Heathen'. It has a defining view of the song, with the lyrics being acted out. And it has weird hooded druids too (this time they're monks tho)! The production value was high, the cameo reveal at the end was well-done, and the song was good to boot.

By contrast this vid from David House member Munga Honorebel is pretty straightforward, while the colors are nice and the angles are fish-eyed the steez is the same as rap videos from 1990: shot in the hood with every body giving each other pounds, interspersed with the artists chillin in cars, complete with cameos from the producer of the track. This is a major sound system hit right now, the video acts as a way to familiarize the viewer with Munga's seemingly conflicted style ('Gangsta Ras').

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