There is nothing you can do that make me run away from this clash yah...



Linkup Media has recently recorded and filmed an interview with the Don Gorgon in NYC. Apparently Ninja is allowed back through the U$ borderline after a run in with NY#D 15 years ago. I'm not quite clear on what happened, but it was severe enough to convince me that he'd never be able to come back to the U$. Check out some recent hardcore tunes from the Ninja, all recorded in the 2000s.

1) Deportee is Back - The most fitting song I could think of for Ninja's return to U$ soil. After his bad-guy character 'Deportee' from Third World Cop gets killed and dumped in a barrel, Ninja resurrects him on 45. 'Deportee is back/wickedest thing weh inna Third World Cop'.