There is nothing you can do that make me run away from this clash yah...



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Sources close to Capleton believe that an attempt was been made on the popular deejay's life as over a week ago, the deejay found a common pin in a boxed food which members of his entourage had bought for him from a street-side vendor in St. Mary.
"I don't know why a man would try to harm me, but these things will happen and always happen because if you bun a certain kind of fire, and speak for those who have been suppressed and oppressed, there are people who don't want to see that," Capleton said.
"The more dem try to kill we, the more we live longer, the more they try to weaken we, the more we get stronger," he chanted.
He credits Jah with divine intervention which allowed him to see the harm and avert danger.
"Jah rule the head and eye and that's why me coulda get to see the pin, the power of Jah is on my side," said the deejay who leaves for a three month tour that will take him to Europe for eight weeks and then the United States for the remainder of the tour.
A member of the deejay's inner circle told sources that a couple members of his entourage had gone to an establishment owned by a Rastafarian and ‘ordered a food fi the King'.
"When they carried the food to the King now, and him stir it up, him see the common pin and that's how we found out, it just goes to show you that not everyone who wear locks in a true Rasta and the yutes who went for the food should know better, you cannot announce things like that because yu never know where the enemies dem lie," he said.
The deejay turns 40 on April 13th and said he might be working this year on his birthday, either in "Switzerland or Sweden."

The end of the post appears to be cut off. Given Capleton's lyrical subject matter and
his immense worldwide popularity, any number of people in high places might want to silence him (apparently there a mural of Capleton in the 'banlieus' of Paris that covers the entire side of a 20 story housing project.) There are also a few deejays that have had problems with him in the past...

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