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Sound Trooper vs. Blunt Posse 2/24/2007

Sound Trooper vs. Blunt Posse

C-Pac Brooklyn

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This clash was full of controversy. Some skeptics thought Ricky Trooper's departure from Killamanjaro was a mistake but Sound Trooper has had a good streak for the past year and a lot of people have given him the win in this one. He walked out after playing several race-baiting custom specials. Some say that Blunt should never spend money on those artists again. A Vybz played by Trooper was a counteraction to a counteraction, implying Kartel went to Trooper with the tune effectively proving what everyone already knows, beating a Yard sound playing Yard music with Yard music is a monumental achievement, especially since money won't help. On the flipside though, Supersonic defeated Turbo Crown in Jamaica for example, when they did not back down to threats or let the race card bother them, but a Jamaican crowd is more likely to use their ears at a clash.

This isn't the first time Trooper played the race card. He went hard at Rodgian after playing Sizzla's 'Jaro Have No White God', in fact he got so abrasive that Supercat berated him on the microphone. In another dance Trooper (on Jaro again) versus Stone Love in reference to Wee-Pow Trooper claimed that 'it takes 5 coolie to mek one black man.' For some reason I'm thinking he said that to Winterfresh too, I can't remember...

As for Blunt, they should have seen the super-reverse suplex counteractions coming, specially the race-baiting ones. It is an easy speech/idea to counter, but you'd have to pay me for the idea lol, there seem to be a lot of people that realize ideas are money these days....

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