There is nothing you can do that make me run away from this clash yah...


New music ... does it all suck ???

OK as far is can tell, all of these songs, with the exception of the last one, I will be hearing tonight when my fiancee forces me to go into Manhattan, the most expensive strip of land in the USA, where a box of OJ that I used to get for free at school costs $2.00 and a 22 of budweiser costs $3.25 (WTF!) All of the aforementioned songs will be played mercilessly remixes originals blends etc. etc. I will now do a small breakdown of why each song is pretty much wack. Don't get me wrong, its ok to like these songs when they do come on in the club. Some of these may not even hits in NYC but they're getting so much burn in other places they had to be included...

Update: I didnt have to go apparently, now I am here typing this up instead of dancing to this music. Damn!

1) Make it Rain (remix) / nice generic beat, some lyrics about throwing one dollar bills at strippers. This has hit written all over it. As in the the signatures of the ppl signing the checks of whoever commands every deejay in NYC to play this hot garbage. Go listen to the Ultimate Force album that was just rediscovered, and hear Fat Joe.

2) It's Me Bitches (Remix) / after reading about it in some other blog, Status Aint Hood I think, I was thought 'wow this sounds like an accidental surreal modern masterwork.' No, its just a song Ive heard already but didnt know the name of, with Lil Wayne massacring a Jafakan accent in one line and the French language in the next. Some lyrical gems are "I let her sniff a mountain/and then shes a jumpoff" I'm sure Sizzla approves. The brillant "Voulez vous vouger avec moi ce swah" is even worse than when Ja Rule misspelled 'Veni Vidi Vici' for his album cover. This Lil Wayne guy is a hitmaker supreme!

3) I got me some BAPES (remix) / OK this one may not play tonight in Manhattan coz its a little regional. Buuuut I HAD to put it up because of Jibbs mispronouncing Nigo's name as 'Nigh-Jo' just so he could rhyme with with 'Baby Milo.' Also on this remix, Soulja Boy is actually mixed instead of thru the computer mic and he changes the word 'Mall' to 'Tokyo' in his intro, most likely after finding out that any Bathing Ape being sold at a mall is fake as hell. BIAW!

4) Vans (remix) / The Bay Area steps up to claim that they 'BEEN representing the Vans movement!'. I guess brands are movements now. Clever brags ensue, like how a shoe worth $60 a pair tops is worth putting 18 gs of diamonds in. And Ed Hardy gets a shout-out.

5) This is Why Im Hot (Reggae Remix) / Proving that this beat nor Mims ('I'm hot coz i'm fly' watertight argument right there) is actually that hot, the 1 second reggae samples and Junior 'West Siiiiiiiiiide' Reid prove to be much more enjoyable than the original song. Baby Cham doesn't do very much wit lackluster lyrics 'Never touch my money nooo/My money's dear to me'.

6) Bullet Bullet / OK this one's definitely not getting played tonight, but this guy might have gotten points for sampling Bounty Killer, and thuggy thuggy type everywhere seem to like it. But the constant repeating of words in the same line makes me want to end it end it. Then Jabba comes in a ruins all of his street cred.