There is nothing you can do that make me run away from this clash yah...



Wicked mixtape from Killamanjaro outta Jamaica. Dropped on DHR by the one fyah youth. I bought the CD in 2001, back when you could still find cassette men in Brooklyn (now they're all online lol). Freddy Kruger, the selector who took over Jaro after Ricky Trooper, makes a good point on the intro if you don't love these tunes, you don't love reggae (or women either lol). Longtime Jaro fans will recognize most of their more well-known foundation dubs are missing, but no matter you can hear those on most Jaro tapes. These are the kind of dubs Jaro will play early on, just to show off their belly. Most sounds would hold onto these dubs strictly for dub fi dub rounds, let alone put out a CD of them! This mix has so many huge dubplates it's impossible to name the best ones so here's the full tracklisting!

Don Carlos · Go Go
Cornell Campbell · Playing
Puddy Roots · La La Laah King Jaro
Tenor Saw · Call Mr. Madden
Tenor Saw · Worries And Trouble
Tenor Saw · Sound Look Good
Michael Buckley · One In A Million
Sugar Minott · Know A Sound Bwoy
Sugar Minott · Dub Is Just A Dub
Sugar Minott · How Dem A Go Get We Out
Sugar Minott · Every Little Thing
Sugar Minott · Dubs In The Ghetto
Sugar Minott · Jaro Tonight
Sammy Dread · Old Folks Used To Say
Sammy Dread · Misunderstanding
Sammy Dread · Everybody Bawling For Jaro
Sammy Dread · Jah Bible
Carlton Livingston · Trodding
Sammy Dread · Another Bite Di Dust
Nitty Gritty · Sweet Dreams
Nitty Gritty · Jaro Ina Yuh Mento
Nitty Gritty · Name Of The Sound
Leroy Gibbons · Name Of The Sound
Scion Success · Dun Dead Already
Sugar Minott · Jaro A Di Bum
The Jays · Long Ago
Errol Dunkley · Guiding Sound
Carlton Livingston · 100 LB Collie
Carlton Livingston · Big Box A Dub
Linval Thompson · No Mercy
Linval Thompson · All Night Long
Linval Thompson · Steppin’ Up
Linval Thompson · Stick It Up
Linval Thompson · Can’t Get No Sleep
Dennis Brown · My Sound For Life
Dennis Brown & Glen Ricks · How Can I Forget
Dennis Brown · Planning To Attack
Ken Boothe · Move Away
Glen Ricks · Sitting In The Front Seat
Garnett Silk & Lukie D · Jaro Ruling
Garnett Silk · Pressure & Heat
John Holt & Brent Dowe · Medley