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Illegal Comics

OK, here are some real gems from 1971 you might have caught a glimpse of these once or twice but here they are in all their c#pyright infringing glory. This is one of the beauties of having a blog no one reads. Anyway, I included the rare Air Pirates #3 a.k.a. Tortoise & Hare #1 which has a subversive take on what happens behind the scenes with the D#sney classic Tortoise & Hare short. Apparently the hare is a sleaze and the tortoise is an easily awed dopehead.


I recommend looking up "cbr reader" Google if you don't know how to view these already.

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Anonymous said...

Much thanks!

You should check out a book called "The Pirates and The Mouse" for all the shit Disney put the cartoonist Dan O'Neil through.