There is nothing you can do that make me run away from this clash yah...



I want to send a shout out to Fadda Teflon, a good friend and the one who helped me really connect with the musical culture of reggae and dancehall. I've been to many stageshows in NYC, but in April I will be going to my first soundclash ever and it just so happens that Blue Steel is throwing the event! Big up to the whole Blue Steel Family and crew, if I haven't met you in person yet see you April 14th in C-Pac.

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Fadda Teflon said...

Bless up Spliffington,

Nuff respect for the big up in your blog. We appreciate all the support we've been getting from everyone, including you. Keep up the good work and give thanks. By the way, you spelled my name's Fadda Teflon.

Bluesteel Family.