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Super Cat 45s & 2007 radio interview

Permit Fi Gun - Super Cat 198? King Jammy's

Nuff Man A Dead (7" version) - Super Cat 1990 Wild Apache Prod.

Murder Dem - Super Cat 199? ???

Super Cat was on the radio recently in the tri-state area speaking on recent run-ins with the police and attempts on his life. He mentions how the music industry is exploitative and dangerous, as apparently he is the victim of an elaborate scheme to steal his identity and publishing. Super Cat is indeed one of the few reggae artists with his own label and was prolific in the early 90s on American major labels. He also claims that Shabba Ranks was duped into selling his publishing for JA$10,000 when it's worth several million US$ now. However, Cat himself has had his fair share of problems and controversy so publishing may not be the issue, there are still many unanswered questions that the ever secretive Cat has never answered publicly (to my knowledge).

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Anonymous said...

Actually it was Little Big Mon who got dupped into selling his JA$10,000. Super Cats was just a pawn in the operation, perpetrated by the label One Punch.
Cats was paid an ample sum (close to that of the original price for the JA$10,000) in order to drop Shabba's name, as a marketing ploy to boost his record sales. Little Big Mon has since fallen into obscurity.
Hope this clears things up.